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Solana Openbook V2!

What a blossoming spring for Solana Openbook protocol!

The last two months were really exciting for Solana Openbook. Here is a wrap-up:

🔥 The big news is the Solana OpenBook V2 official development!

The V2 is inspired from the Mango V4 perpetual order book. It aims at improving functionality, with new features, a more intuitive code base built with Anchor 0.27 and modernized client libraries.

The launch of a public beta is due in August followed by the official release of Solana OpenBook V2 in September 2023.

🔥Latest developments include a new tool for builders and trader: Solana OpenBook Candles

OpenBook Candles is an open-source trade scraper and candle batcher combined with web API for OpenBook frontends. See more on OpenBook protocol Github.

🤩 A new sparkling logo !

🚀A steady growth, with a total value locked $4 178 336 – X 2 in 6 month ! And almost $2bn annualized volume (see chart below - source: DefiLama)

Stay tuned for more updates ! Follow us on Twitter.

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