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Openbook takes off !

Updated: Jan 26

OpenBook rocket take-off
Solana OpenBook protocol takes off !

Openbook is making a fast start!

The Openbook Protocol is an order book dex protocol on Solana. It was deployed on 14th Nov 22, further to the FTX collapse. Openbook’s ancestor, Serum Protocol was linked to FTX and deemed at risk. Read more on Serum Fork here.

Two months after its release, Openbook protocol has gained a lot of attention and gained momentum.

On January 24th, the total value locked (TLV) of OpenBook was $3,5 million, from $1,6 million on 24th Dec, a growth of 125% in one month. See more details on the Dex aggregator DeFi Llama. See more details on the Dex aggregator DeFi Llama.

DeFi Llama also tweeted this week about the success of Openbook, highlighting spectacular and constant growth since the launch.

This can be explained by the strong adoption of Openbook in the Dex community and access providers.

Indeed, Openbook is progressively replacing Serum among most recognised Dex platforms.

Major order book interface Solape have switched from Serum to Openbook.

Mango Markets is currently developing its V4 version on Openbook. Raydium AMM is now interacting with Openbook central limit order book. Prism just announced its new Prism Pro version built on Openbook on a tweet.

Openbook is on a good track to becoming Solana’s core DeFi infrastructures with a Central Limit Order Book.

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